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For personal information obtained in the operation of this website, Uchimura Co., Ltd. respects our customers’ privacy and gives it all due consideration while observing this privacy policy and complying with laws related to personal privacy.

1. Obtaining personal information and purpose of use

The personal information obtained with this inquiry is used to send a response and/or other materials.

2. Providing personal information to third-parties

The personal information obtained with this inquiry is not provided to third-parties without obtaining the consent of the customer, excluding exceptions established by the law.

3. Delegating the handling of personal information

No portion of the handling of the personal information obtained with this inquiry is delegated to companies outside Uchimura Co., Ltd.

4. Disclosing/correcting personal information

For the provided personal information, requests for disclosure, requests for corrections, additions, deletions, and the termination of usage, and responses to complaints or inquiries are limited to the customer.

In these situations, if the customer cannot be identified, we will not respond to these requests.

The requests and inquiries listed above are received using this form.

5. Precautions when entering personal information

A portion of the items on the contact form are optional. However, if they are not provided, we may not be able to fulfill the above purpose of use.

6. To obtain personal information by a method where the customer cannot be easily identified

A cookie is used with this contact form in order to provide optimal service to the customer. Personal information other than that provided is not identified or extracted from this cookie.

7. Personal information safety control measures

For the obtained personal information, the necessary and appropriate measures are being taken to prevent and remedy leaks, loss, and damage, and other measures to safely control personal information.

8. Application range

This privacy policy is only applicable within this site.

We take no responsibility for protecting personal privacy on other sites that are linked from this site.

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