Uchimura Co., Ltd.


Uchimura Co., Ltd. delivers proven, reliable products created from
continuous technological development. We demand the strictest quality control from the manufacturers we partner with.

Uchimura Co., Ltd. also possesses technical engineering experience that has been acquired throughout the years
as a trading company with manufacturing capabilities and expertise.

01 Construction Machinery Business Department

Construction Machinery Business Department delivers various kinds of components with a focus on construction equipment machinery manufacturers and their affiliates.

By making use of our procurement network in the way only a trading company can, we are principally involved in proposal-oriental sales matched to our customers’ needs while developing products with manufacturers.

We also cooperate with Operation Center and our overseas network to procure components from overseas, and we respond to customer demands for JIT (just in time) delivery of these components synchronized to their manufacturing plans.

02 Electronics & Industrial Machinery Business Department

Our focus is on rubber, resin, metallic, and pipe component parts. Since the technology is changing on a daily basis, our customers have come to depend on the Uchimura Group to possess knowledge on all of the latest cutting edge changes. We are introducing new technologies to keep ahead of the competition while maintaining our value-added sales experience that our customers depend on.

03 International Logistics Solutions

At the present time when corporate overseas expansion is accelerating, our Operation Center plans and offers optimal international logistics systems.

Principal contracted services are listed below.

  • (1) Accepting and ordering agent service
  • (2) Pickup and distribution service
  • (3) Inventory management service
  • (4) Packaging and shipping service
  • (5) International distribution service
  • (6) JIT delivery using overseas warehouses
  • (7) Delivery as a sub-assembly
  • (8) Debt collection service
  • (9) Import 3PL service
  • (10) Development import service

* 3PL: 3rd Party Logistics

04 Quality Assurance Department

Bad News is Good News

Turning bad news into good news.
This is the slogan of the quality assurance department, who publicizes bad information within the company in order to make improvements.

Product Quality Policy
Uchimura provides products and services that will satisfy our users.
As the improvement of quality and service is an important and continuous issue for us, Uchimura organizes our management system for quality and service improvements in order to pursue these goals.
In order to improve our quality and service, every department must set up goals and then put their maximum effort into achieving them.
To achieve the above quality policies, Uchimura has established, maintains and utilizes a quality management system, whilst also continuously improving its effectiveness.
Activities of the Quality Assurance Department
  • (1) Organizing a system of instruction and supervision for selecting manufacturers that meets the needs of our clients
  • (2) Organizing a system that can carry out recurrence prevention measures in case there is any incompatibility
  • (3) Continuously improving product quality through setting up quality goals across the company and implementing product quality assessments every month


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