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Masanori Uchimura has become the President Director

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As a specialized trading company for industrial components with a focus on rubber, resins and metal products, Uchimura continues to fulfill our raison d'être by supporting industries centered on the construction machinery industry and industrial machinery/electronics industry from behind the scenes. Uchimura has not only proactively participated in domestic trading, but also overseas trading.


Let’s take a look back at Uchimura’s history. Since our foundation in 1939 as a specialty wholesaler for industrial-use rubber, we then added production capabilities through setting up a manufacturing and assembly factory of metal fittings for high pressure hoses in 1965. With our entry into the US in 1996 as the starting point, we have since extended a network of overseas sites across the world. Uchimura has always moved forward with the corporate ethos of “precisely responding to our customers’ needs” as the first priority. At the same time, we also feel that Uchimura is here today thanks to the support of our customers and trading partners. With the 100-year anniversary of our foundation approaching, Uchimura is flexibly responding to the trends of the times. We are aiming to be a company that respects our traditions and DNA while we are also pushing towards a new stage.


The speed of change in the structure of industries in the world due to informatization and automation is increasing every year. The required products are also changing at an unprecedented speed. Uchimura understands that innovation is indispensable when it comes to traditional products centered on rubber, resins and metal products, while our technical development department has a structure that will strive even further to respond to the needs of the times. When it comes to product quality, Uchimura has also set up a quality assurance department in order to always deliver good quality products to our customers.


Together with our clients and trading partners, Uchimura hopes to continue to push the boundaries, in order to create a company that changes the image of what a trading company can be. We look forward to your continued support.

September 1, 2017
President Director Masanori Uchimura


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