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Notice of Capital Investment in an Indian Corporation Company

                                      January 24th,2024

   Dear Customers


                              Uchimura Co., Ltd.
                              Masanori Uchimura, President

Notice of Capital Investment in an Indian Corporation Company


We are pleased to announce that we have made a capital investment in RENATA MECHATRONICS PRIVATE LIMITED , a company incorporated in India. (hereinafter referred to as "RMPL").
The details are as follows


1.Company overview:
 (2) Location        :Pune, Maharashtra, India
 (3) Business Description   :Manufacture and sale of Metal-Plastic Molded and metal stamped
                products for automotive applications
 (4) Total Capital       :13,882,590 Indian rupees
 (5) Representative     :Rohit Thawani, Managing Director
 (6) Dispatch Officers    :Keiichi Yoshida, as Director of RMPL
               Tel: +81-66532-4126


2.Details of capital contribution
 (1) Total Number of shares       :1,388,259 shares
                    (Number of shares held by Uchimura: 78,259 shares)
 (2) Amount of capital contribution    :100 million yen
 (3) Shareholding ratio after investment  :approx. 5.6 %


3.Purpose of capital investment
 RENATA was established in Pune, India in 1992 as RENTA PRECISION. The company's strength lies in integrated production of plastic molding, metal stamping, and assembly. In recent years,
the company has focused particularly on high-precision insert molding and has delivered numerous automotive parts to major Tier 1 companies around the world. Mechatronics business, an insert molding division, has been spun off and RMPL has been established as a new company in October 2023.
 RMPL will serve as a bridge between India and Japan as a comprehensive sales contact for Japanese customers and provide overseas logistics services utilizing Uchimura's overseas network to realize JIT delivery services from India to customers' plants around the world. We will also aim to further expand our business in the rapidly changing automotive-related market along with the fast-growing Indian market.


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